7 Reasons to be Vegetarian

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
at 9:35 PM


There are many reasons a person chooses to be vegetarian. One of them may be equally or even inspire you.

1. For Animal's Sake
You are an animal lover? This could be one reason to be vegetarian. Many people decided to become vegan because not bear to see animals slaughtered for food. This is the reason that many ethics-vaunted Western people.

2. Life More Colorful
Vegetables and fruit have many colors. The more colorful your food more healthy. For example, vegetables and orange fruits and green, rich in beta carotene. Benefits, not only a powerful counter free radicals, but also keep the body from cancer cells. Meanwhile, vegetables and fruit reddish, bluish and purple as plums, cherries, peppers, blueberries, and black beans, contain antisianin. Benefits, preventing the oxidation process that occurs early and cause degenerative diseases.

3. Healthy Longer
By being a vegetarian, we avoid all animal fats. We know, animal fat is a source of cholesterol is to be one trigger of heart disease and cancer. In addition, the body will also get lots of fiber from vegetables and fruits. These food sources of antioxidants which is very useful for body health. Oh yes, if only consume vegetables, fruits and nuts, do not be afraid of osteoporosis. Calcium intake may be satisfied from the beans, tempeh, tofu, soy milk and dark colored vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

4. Weight Stable
Because the intake of animal fat is reduced, you no longer need to fear of obesity. However, do not be afraid of hunger, too. Healthy foods such as vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits kok enough to meet all the needs of the body. Can even help you get the ideal body weight. With diligent eating vegetables and fruit, our bodies automatically eat lots of fiber. Guaranteed, digestion will be smooth and toxins in the body can go out every day.

5. Save
We know the products, including processed meat and food ingredients are expensive. Reduce consumption of meat and replace it with vegetables and beans, it means you have to save per diem expenses or lunch money allotment. Just compare when you eat in the diner with the use of meat as a side dish and use tofu or tempeh as a side dish. Your expenses would have been much different.

6. Prevent Global Warming
Do not be surprised once, let alone laugh! Revealed the fact that the FAO in 2006 explained that the meat is a commodity producing the highest carbon dioxide emissions (20%). This even exceeds the combined emissions from all vehicles in the world. How? Apparently livestock industry has resulted in 9% toxic carbon dioxide, 65% nitrooksida, and 37% methane gas. In addition, livestock industry also requires a lot of energy to convert into the flesh of cattle ready for consumption. To produce 1 kg of meat for example, produced 36.4 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Wow!

7. Save Energy

Current energy and food crisis spread to the whole face of the earth. Want to save energy? One of them by being a vegetarian or at least reduce animal food sources. As described above, animal foods require more energy consumption in the production and supply than plant foods. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, to make a handfuls of hamburger, for example, requires at least 1300 gallons of water. So, no wonder if the food products of animal and junk foods require more energy than by cultivating vegetables, fruit and rice.


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