Vegetarians and the Environment

Friday, October 23, 2009
at 7:06 PM

Is there a relationship between a vegetarian with world hunger?

             Perhaps we never asked or crossed a question like that. And eating meat is associated with world hunger. Actually God created life in this world full of abundance, when more than 6 billion human inhabitants on this earth until there is a famine, caused by man himself and not God.

           In 1999, the WHO said every year there are 1.2 billion people suffer from hunger or malnutrition in this planet. More than 40 million die every year from starvation, most of them are children. Why does this happen? For a farm the same, if used as agricultural land will produce food four times more than used as farm land for meat consumption. Each hectare of agricultural land on average will produce 1.6 million calories of energy. However, if the land is used to maintain animals for consumption of meat, milk and eggs, only produces 0.4 million calories of energy. Means, in the process, 1.2 million calories of energy has been lost. So a vegetarian diet proved significantly more efficient and economical than the meat diet. In some studies the United Nations, that "If the people in America and Europe, became a vegetarian only once a week, means that every year we would save more than a third of world hunger, or more than 300 million people are starving"

           Why? For more than two-thirds of the corn crop and one-third of world wheat crop for humans should be used for animal feed that had been in flower-scattered through the mass to be killed and consumed the meat. Even in the United States as a producing country's largest wheat and soybeans, cattle spent 70% of all the wheat, pigs spend 80% of all the soybean! If the results of corn, wheat and soybeans they sell world and distributed evenly between humans, other than the wheat price would be cheap no one will starve in this world. Maintaining animals for meat has caused difficulties in all aspects of economic and world hunger, at least in the third world countries. You see most of the war that happened in the world are caused by economic reasons. Let's face it. Economic difficulties the country will become even more critical when there is famine or food shortages. As long as people are still eating meat, then the famine and war in this world will not stop.


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