Come Join Campaign 350. Berani?!

Friday, October 23, 2009
at 11:39 PM

Animate the International Day of Climate Action and the UN Day which was held in various cities in Indonesia, The Climate Project (TCP) Indonesia invites all levels of society in the 350 Campaign. Bold! This campaign aims to reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere at the point 350.ppm, the maximum threshold is safe for humans.

"The entire campaign effort 350. Berani?! Is an invitation to participate on our concerns as a component of society, affirming the commitment to play an active role and make ourselves individuals as part of the solution to the climate change crisis," said Dr Amanda Katili-Niode, as Manager of TCP - Indonesia in the press release.

Campaign 350. Berani?! conducted by the presenters Indonesia TCP-elected, 54 of the presenter, who trained directly by AlGore, founder of The Climate Project and recipient of the Nobel Prize. TCP-Indonesian volunteers voluntarily and simultaneously make a presentation on October 23, 2009 at various universities and colleges, then on October 24, 2009 carry out series of Green Lifestyle Clinic and the signing of the Declaration on the use canting batik cloth at Teater Utan Kayu, and continued in Darmawangsa Square The City Walk.

Campaign Movement 350. Berani?! is part of the campaign carried out in order to prepare the awareness and commitment to the UNFCCC COP 15 in Copenhagen, Danish. The key campaign message is 350. 350.ppm refers to, namely the level of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere that is safe for the Earth and everything in it.

According to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), inter-nation panel that consists of over 1300 scientists and experts on the scientific world Fourth Assessment Report, as much as 90 percent of human activity during the last 250 years has made us increasingly hot planet. The main ever since the Industrial Revolution, levels of carbon dioxide or CO2 was rising, from 280.ppm be 379.ppm in 150 years, the highest since 650,000 years! In fact, the level of carbon dioxide in September and has reached 384.78. Ppm.

384.78 level. Ppm recorded now predicted to rise as much as 2.ppm each year, this high level was considered dangerous because it can cause horrible climate change because it will affect the depletion of food security, increased intensity of storms, scarcity of the species. Especially in countries like Indonesia archipelago, it's a big impact on rising sea temperatures that resulted in sea levels rising acid (asidifikasi) and disrupt the natural pattern of ocean ecosystems that affect the global temperature changes, currents, and wind.

The IPCC also concluded that 90 percent of greenhouse gases (Grk) generated during the 50 years humans have drastically raise the temperature of the Earth. Before the industrial, human activity is not much out Grk. However, population growth, deforestation, farming industry, and the use of fossil fuels, such as carbon dioxide, methane and Nitrous oxide, causing increased Grk in the atmosphere and contribute much to global warming.


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