Two-headed goat staggering Citizens

Friday, October 23, 2009
at 11:30 PM

Citizens Lumajang, East Java, a child digegerkan strange two-headed goat, four eyes and two ears. Goat heard strange, people were coming to the barn belonged to M. Hashim (25) Ramba'am Hamlet Village residents Sukorejo Pasru Sub-Lumajang Pimple.

"My goat gave birth to 2 kittens goats, normal goats 1 and only female to have this anomaly mas," said Hashim.

According to him, his female goat gave birth to two white kids at around 06.00 am. The first discharge process with the second goat lasted 30 minutes. Yet fast delivery and quick.

Goat giving birth, oddly enough, the mother screamed and struggled endlessly. As head of the goat would come out, the mother shouted louder and her body spasm.

"I'm afraid sir, I help give birth to the child draw a goat," explained the father of one son who accompanied his wife, Nuril (20).

After the kid got out and cleaned, Hashim admitted shocked by the condition of the two goat heads.

"I was surprised and shocked, kok gini my kid. Then I call my in-laws mas to see up close," said Hashim who had 1 year pick the goat.


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