Flesh Eating Reduce, Prevent Climate Change

Monday, October 19, 2009
at 1:20 AM

One issue that was still warm in 2008 is climate change. Bergulirnya issue in the world makes people flock to improve their lifestyles.
Climate change has caused damage to the sad nature, such as ice-ice melting in the Arctic eternal. Some experts even predict the world of eternal ice at the North Pole may disappear altogether this year.
If the condition is true, sea level rise due to melting major ice can not be prevented. Floods threaten coastal regions around the world. The increase in atmospheric temperature is also suspected to trigger increasingly frequent storms and strong that increase the risk of the threat of damage.

To prevent these things can be done with simple home everybody recognized. Climate experts from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), one of the agencies of the United Nations (UN), Rajendra Pachauri, managed to find a very simple thing to slow the effects of climate change in the world.
According to him, reducing meat consumption can reduce these effects. He said every person must be willing to spend one day a week, live without meat intake.
"Do not eat meat one day a week on a regular basis, it will reduce the effect," he said. Men's 68-year-old vegetarian's diet tells us this is very important because it will reduce the number of cattle.
Because, according to the World Food Organization (FAO), donated farm greenhouse gas emissions directly by 18 per cent of the manufacturing process to cut and livestock waste gases containing methane. Control of livestock would provide a significant impact.


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