Living in harmony with nature Reduce Global Warming

Monday, October 19, 2009
at 12:26 AM

Lifestyle in harmony with nature (green living) needs to get public attention and government in the world, as an effort to reduce global warming to be blamed climate change.
"Global warming is the impact of environmental destruction on Earth," said the expert from the Faculty of Environment and Planning Civil Engineering, University of Bung Hatta (UBH), Professor Dr Ir H Nasfryzal Carlo M. Sc in Padang, Saturday (12 / 7). It is delivered as confirmed as permanent professor of engineering science environmental science and waste treatment Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning UBH. According to Carlo, so that the temperature of the earth does not continue to increase and environmental damage are not getting worse, then global warming must be reduced. He said, minimizing global warming is done by reducing the release of greenhouse gases and prevent the occurrence of other air pollution to the atmosphere.

"The most positive way for it, is to make a lifestyle in harmony with nature (green living) as a necessity in everyday life for the government and society in the world," he added.He explains, step-by-step lifestyle in harmony with nature is like, save the use of electricity and fuel oil (BBM).
This style is realized by turning off the electric lights that are not necessary, turn off computers when not working, turn off air conditioner when not in the room, and turned off the television when not watching. Then, avoid using the elevator or escalator in a two-story building, maximizing the use of public transport and vehicle fuel-gas or biodiesel.
Furthermore, using pollution-free vehicles such as bicycles and tricycles, avoiding the burning of garbage, apply the concept of 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle or reduce, reuse and recycle) in waste management systems.
Lifestyle still environmentally friendly option is to design buildings with air circulation and natural lighting, emissions control operations, buying local products to reduce transportation of imported goods and if forced to buy imported products that have the recycle logo.
Living in harmony with nature, says Carlo, also implemented by replacing a shopping bag from plastic to fabrics or other organic materials, using paper on both sides and recycle back, cut down trees that must be followed by replanting and open land in a way not to burn.
"Next, stop the illegal logging, cultivate love planting trees, using the garden as a living fence and lifestyle changes to save the Earth," he added.
In the meantime, especially for the government and the parties are asked policy makers more actively comply with and implement the provisions and rules are consequently preserve the environment. Satunegara Indonesia as one who still has oxygen-producing forests are expected to conserving forests with selective logging policy on forests, which are still needed in development.


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