Homemade Vegan Cheese

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
at 7:06 PM


    * soya flour
    * vegan margarine
    * yeast extract or yeast flakes
    * herbs
    * salt and pepper


    Melt a measured amount of margarine. Measure out the same volume of soya flour, and stir in to the melted marge gradually. Depending on absorbancy, you may need slightly more or less flour. Mix in dried herbs and yeast extract or flakes to taste (experiment with the flavourings - I tend to use basil and oregano, and sometimes a little tomato puree), and salt and pepper to taste.

    Press into a greased container (perhaps the margarine tub), cool and refrigerate. Firm margarine will give you a hard cheeze for grating or slicing, and soft margarine will give you a spreading cheeze.


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