When Chimps Mourning saw his friend die

Thursday, October 29, 2009
at 12:22 AM

More than a dozen chimps stood in silence, watching from behind a wire fence at Dorothy, a 40-old chimpanzee who died of heart failure, when pushed past them.

Chimpanzees from Rescue Center at the Sanaga-Yong Cameroon. local residents of this village to work as a "nanny" for the orphaned animals are killed for her mother all the illegal trade.

The picture was taken from Szczupider Monica, who worked in this rescue center.

Talking about Dorothy, Miss Szczupider, 30, says chimps are "leading figure" in this group of about 25 chimpanzees.

"Chimps are not silent. They are gregarious, loud, vocal creatures, usually with the attention span of a relatively short ", he said.

"But they can not take their eyes of Dorothy, and still, more than anything,"


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