Letter from a Chicken

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
at 10:29 PM

Forgive me if my writing is bothering you. I myself also not sure whether the right to write this letter or not. But, I think, if this letter does not exist, maybe there will be no chance. With my writing this mess

ha .. ha .. scribble you call it, may still be readable, I ventured.

Still remember, every morning you always get up late. It's hard for you up in the morning. Often times you did not eat breakfast, just leave. Look, you're so thin bodies so. Did You Know? I am very sad. I was determined to do something for you. Every morning I would wake up early, I'd cried constantly, until you wake up. Often times, my throat hurt, my voice is gone, but I'm still trying cried until you wake up. Now maybe you have to fend for themselves,

I'm sorry, I could not wake you up.

The doctor said my egg contains protein. I was so happy to be give something of myself for you. Indeed I had a hard time accepting this, I was so hard to lay their eggs in the hope my son can be hatched. But it seems that hope will never materialize. At least I can see well because of my egg. I never regret, because I love you, I really love you.

Lately, I feel strange, flesh on my body was swollen, especially the thighs. I started asking when I last fitness. But apparently it was not the result of my fitness for this, you have to do something to me. As I recall I was impaled often a sharp needle and after that, there was a spy who came into my body. First of all I think with my body like this, you want me to be a bodybuilding athlete. I was so happy, so watching you. When I was transported to the truck with my friends, I still think I'll go join bodybuilding tournaments. I was so happy to think you can bring home the trophy for you until I realized that what we were headed. I saw my friends are lying, blood dripping everywhere, they are not dead. Muffled cries, the building is not a tournament, this is the slaughterhouse. Finally

I understand, it turns out I was injected so much flesh, ye shall enjoying my flesh. But it was too late. I was so scared, I wanted to run out but I can not, I was helpless.

One by one my friends put in a great tool,they shout so heartbreaking. I know for sure, soon I'll feel it. I wonder, shouting so loud, does not that bother you? Maybe you do not mendegarnya or rather do not want to hear? Are not we all God's creatures? Did not we used to love one another? Why did you change so fast? Did I really do not mean in your eyes?

My time is running out, will soon be my turn. There is no point in me talking too much. When you read this letter, I was no longer in this world. Hmm, maybe I'm already in your stomach!

But there's one thing I wanted you to know, that I still love you, brother. I wish you could live happily premises love. May the sacrifice is meaningful to you. I still await the day where we can live together, love one another. Could that day will come?


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