Animal Life Rights?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
at 10:22 PM

If the cruelty and unfairness of the Man alone Still Happen, Why We're Busy Animal Cruelty challenge? Alphonse Lamartine reveals again voiced what Abraham Lincoln when he said, "We do not have two hearts, heart to heart for animals and human beings. There was no difference between cruelty to animals and cruelty to humans, but it shows they have become victims. "

If human hearts blind and deaf to the pain and suffering of victims of the weak as animals were killed for food or as animal experiments in the laboratory so that one end of this heart will harden.

As a result born of all forms of brutality backfires for mankind. As described by an ancient poem about the killings and the war between human beings, "To know where it comes from this form of cruelty then listen started crying bitterly from the slaughterhouse." "A better world will come true if we have the courage to recognize cruelty is cruelty whether the victim is human or animal. "This sentence is phrased Rachel Carson, the first person to awaken the world about the dangers of pesticides. One thing in Rachel Carson to be added by Abraham Lincoln is a courageous fight for those who become victims, because this is a call in people.

A matter of conscience to turn the truth into a happy world for all people, all creatures. Would you like to say that animals also have rights like humans, so that a dog is also entitled to have the right to vote and be elected as a member of the PCA? Animals do not always have the same rights as humans because their interests are not always the same with humans. For example as an example that you say. A dog of course does not have an interest in the general election. Hence the dog does not have the right to vote because that right would only be in vain, like all small children or infants in all countries do not have the right to vote maupuh selected. Animals do have rights corresponding to their interests. For example, dogs definitely have an interest to not feel sick. Like the human illness in the pain experienced by dogs are not free to make a dog. Therefore we need to pay attention and respect the rights of a dog with no unnecessary pain caused to them. In short, do not hurt dogs and other animals are not necessary. Will come the day that became a reality, when the animals get their rights back from the hands of tyranny that holds it. (Jeremy Bentham)

Does the treatment of livestock to the animal owner was not feasible. Do not they provide a cage for animals that can be protected from bad weather and predators. Even well fed and watered. Is the condition is no better way of life in the wild? In the past slave traders argue better to be slaves in a civilized Christian society than to have freedom but in the wilderness. The mindset of life and freedom of other beings. Cattle producers said the animal is more like "eat three times a day" than life in the wild. Whereas the term "wild" is a human projection of Earth's land foreign to him. Wild by humans does not mean "wild" for the animals there. That is their home. At the ranch, just animals living in more situations that reflect human life rather than how to live animals in their natural habitat of our illogical human argues protect livestock from "predators" (predator). That is our predator. Especially with locking them as we do we have exposed them to more parasites. Not to mention the millions of livestock died due to heat stress and climatic conditions than the animals that live in the wild. Plus living in a cage so it can not develop its natural defense capabilities. That places stress pathologies that can destroy the immune system.


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