Music from vegetables

Monday, October 19, 2009
at 9:44 PM

Vegetable Orchestra plays music using instruments made of fresh vegetables such as carrot flutes, pumpkin bass, leek violins, vibrators zucchini, cucumber vibraphone, trumpet Bonggo of pepper until the celery root, and other vegetables. To create unique voices, estesis and universal. Type of music played is fused from a variety of contemporary music, beat, house, experimental electronic, free jazz, noise, dub and clicks n cuts. Vegetabele Orchestra was founded in 1998, consists of 11 musicians, a hairdresser and an artist music
videos, which have different backgrounds, musicians, visual artists, architects, designers, media actors, writers and poets. Based in Vienna, Austria, this group has performed in concerts in Europe and Asia, in line with the instrument-making workshop from vegetables. In the encore at the end of each show, the audience was served a fresh vegetable soup. Vegetable Orchestra has been released titled ablum Automate.


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