Children high IQ tend to be a vegetarian

Monday, October 19, 2009
at 10:01 PM

Children with an IQ (Intelligence Quitient) high, is likely to grow up to be a vegetarian or eat only vegetables. This is the result of a study conducted in England and published in the British Medical Journal. Image The children had a high IQ when entered adolescence have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease is lower. This could explain the link between intelligence and health. "People with intelligent brains tend to have healthier eating patterns," said senior researcher at the University of Southampton, England, Catharine Gale who led the research. As we know, a vegetarian low cholesterol and rarely suffer from obesity and heart disease. So that children can understand why high-IQ has a heart disease risk is lower when they mature. Another study also noted that the smart-witted child usually has a healthy lifestyle: not smoking, not overweight, normal blood pressure and diligent exercise.
In doing research, Gale and his team of researchers collected data from 8200 men and women aged 30 years, who had his IQ tested when they were 10 years of age. Interesting result, children with high IQs many are vegetarians when they turned 30 years old. Approximately 4.5 percent of the respondents were vegetarian, a 2.5 percent vegan (refusing to eat meat or use products that use animal testing), and 33.6 percent said they were vegetarian but also ate fish and chicken. Most are vegetarians are women or those who come from social classes above or well educated. Even so, according to Gale, IQ remained a significant factor in determining one's healthy lifestyle. But this study is considered not able to answer all questions. Because no mention of whether the children grow up in environments vegetarian or not. "We do not know how or lifestyle habits of their parents, or whether there is cause or special events that make children grow up to be a vegetarian," said a professor from the University of Texas, Lona Sandon. While an explanation of why more women vegetarians, Sandon says that women are more concerned about health than men. "So if they (the women) believed that vegetarians have health benefits, they will choose it," he added.


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