No Fishing! Fish Feel Pain

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
at 10:15 PM

I find it interesting in an article that fish can feel pain, thus killing the fish as cruel to kill other creatures. The following information is quoted from an article entitled "Fish Feel Pain" (Fish Feel Pain) from Australia Animals Today magazine: If fish can not show pain they experience, how do we know if they are in pain? There is scientific evidence strongly indicating that the fish really can feel pain.

* Fish have nerve endings that end under the skin, as well as mammalian nerves. We all have the recipient cells called nociceptor stimulation near the skin, which when stimulated by external events that loud enough can damage body tissue. In fish recipient veins this stimulation mainly located in the lips and mouth.

* Fish produces the same chemicals in humans at the time feeling sick. There are two chemicals that are formed when a nerve is damaged, a substance formed bradykinin. Causes nerve cells fire and send waves of electricity through the nerves. At the time of bradykinin released near the skin, the other a substance called substance P is released near the spinal cord.

* The above substance known as a substance that convey pain. For example, if bradykinin is injected in humans, will cause great pain, although the body produces substances painkillers. Bradykinin and substance P was found in the body of mammals, birds, frogs, and fish.

* Fish produce pain relief substances like humans. When feeling pain, the human body and vertebrates (vertebrates) others will produce pain barrier substance called endorphin. This endorphin pain out ways to stop substance P.

By knowing these facts, it can be concluded that fishing causes great pain to the fish and cause them to die so tragically. Not only causes the fish to feel pain due to tear hook, but they will also be frightening suffocation.

In an article from a South Australian, The Advertiser, Prof.. Bill Runciman, an anesthesiologist and intensive care from the University of Adelaide, said: "The situation of fish cause misunderstandings about pain. You will make people angry if misbehavior on dolphins, horses or dogs because they are mammals. But at the same time you attend a game fishing on the Murray River with thousands of people, trapping fish with a hook and let the fish out of breath in the bubu, a way towards a very sad death and misery. "There's one more statement of Richard Jones, a member of the legislative state of New South Wales, "I am doing research on pain in fish. I discovered that fish not only can feel pain just like cats, dogs, or humans, but the fish also have intelligence. A few days ago I saw several fishermen with their dogs. I want to explain to them that fish feel pain, as well as their dogs. Similarly, when I visited New Foundland to talk to some fishermen who have been hitting children seals to death. I remind them that they also have dogs, cats, and birds. Form of cruelty in the world's most common is fishing. Why? Because people do not understand that fish are also sensitive to pain.


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