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Sunday, October 25, 2009
at 8:34 PM

Doctors and nutritionists generally recommend that patients who suffer from osteoporosis to consume more milk and other dairy products because they contain high calcium. Sounds pretty good diakal, but it will not work.

Americans and Northern Europeans consume 800 mg - 1200 mg of calcium a day, but still they are suffering from osteoporosis than men in Asia and Africa who consume 300 mg - 500 mg of calcium per day.

The main cause is too much osteopororis consume acidic from meat, sugar and ingredients that contain chemicals. To neutralize these aciditas, the body takes calcium (alkaline) from the bone.

Thus the problem of osteoporosis is not that someone is not consuming enough calcium. The problem is they lose calcium. Thus, mengasup more calcium into the body is not the answer, because you can lose more than you / create (for example, by keeping eat meat, sugar, and chemical materials, etc.).

If the extra calcium comes from food containing high protein such as milk, cheese and ice cream, it will make things worse. because these foods are acid forming. These foods cause the body to lose more calcium.

The main solution is to make the body becomes alkaline. By eating more vegetables and avoid acid-forming foods such as meat, sugar and chemicals.

Apparently, doctors, nutritionists and dairy companies are wrong when they megnatakan that milk is the best source for calcium. More calcium that can be found in the seeds (especially sesame seeds = sesame seeds) and seaweed (the type hijiki). Biji2an contains 14 times more calcium than milk. n addition, it also biji2an alkaline-forming, these foods provide calcium without forming acids which remove calcium from the bones.

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