What is a Vegetarian?

Sunday, October 18, 2009
at 6:38 PM

Vegetarian term coined in 1847. Was first used formally on 30 September 1847 by Joseph Brotherton and others, at Northwood Villa in Kent, England. It was the inaugural meeting of the Vegetarian Society UK.
Before the year 1847, those who do not eat meat is generally known as 'Pythagoreans' or follow the 'Pythagorean System', according to Pythagoras 'vegetarian' of ancient Greece
The original definition of 'vegetarian' is with or without eggs or dairy products, and this definition is still used by the Vegetarian Society today. After all, most vegetarians in India exclude eggs into their diet, as well as those of the classical Mediterranean lands, as an example of Pythagoras.

Yogyakarta has identified the level of the highest life expectancy in Indonesia because many foods are soy-based.
In Indonesia there is a forum for vegetarians namely IVS (Indonesia Vegetarian Society) http://www.ivs-online.org/ official website
In the world there are 3 types of vegetarians:
* Vegan: People who consume only plants, the seeds (or grains), nuts, vegetables, including seaweed and fruit.
* Lacto:  People who eat vegetables, but still consume dairy.
* Lacto ovo: People who eat vegetables but also still consume milk and eggs.


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