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Sunday, October 18, 2009
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When we discuss a healthy diet, real simple instructions, direct and uncomplicated. Food is needed to build health. We need food that will meet the vital needs of life and active. If want to have good health, we must understand that there can be no shortcut or replacement is not necessary.
One of the rules of health and food matching is that the food must be NATURAL, complete, pure and fresh: NATURAL The food was as created LORD, the higher nutritional value. Unprocessed foods more nutritious than processed, peeled or cooked, but some foods, such as grains, potatoes should be cooked. Native food is much better for us than a given food preservatives, colorings, artificial flavorings or any kind of chemical substances. Many chemicals are now added to commercial food products may not actually inserted into the human body.

God designed our bodies to receive food NATURAL, who has not processed, pure and fresh. That's what makes us healthy. We must know the experiments conducted on animals by using food that has been processed and not natural.Animals that become ill because of the necessary nutrients for a healthy body has been lost, and the food they are no longer complete as the Lord planned initially. The following are basic guidelines diet the most important and best for a healthy life:
1. Choose foods NATURAL NATURAL nutrient dense foods and contain more fiber than processed foods. NATURAL foods also are a source of phytochemicals (phytochemicals) which is better, ie the components of non-nutrients that plants have many qualities such as protecting the body's beneficial against cancer diseases (such as that caused by free radicals), heart disease and stroke , as well as boost the immune system. Choose foods NATURAL seeds varied than that has been processed.
2. Choose NATURAL plant protein research reveals some important benefits from the increased consumption of protein. Protein helps to protect muscles during the weight loss progress, hunger and build strong bones. Animal protein is low in fat have an advantage though not as much vegetable protein. NATURAL plant foods are high in protein rich in fiber and phytochemical compounds.Legumes (beans group) high protein and rich in fiber can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Nuts contain protein and good fats (healthy) which also can reduce the risk of heart disease. Loma Linda Uviversity's Adventist Health Study has shown the benefits of consumption of nuts. Foods such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk is rich in high-quality protein can lower cholesterol levels. In addition, soy foods contain isoflavones, which is a unique compound that can reduce the risk of cancer and improve bone health. Most soy foods are also rich in calcium so as to form a framework of healthy bones.
3. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits Vegetable and fruit NATURAL really is a valuable food, because rich in phytochemicals and vitamins that have antioxidant activity, as well as nutrients such as minerals and enzymes. At the same time fruits and vegetables are also the best friend of the dieter as low caloric content. Diet high in antioxidants also reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid, arthritis, premature aging and vision problems associated with age (age-related vision).
Junk Food!Generally the one of the classic junk food is food that contain salt, sugar, fat and high calories, but less nutritious. Foods that most easily fit in this type are potato chips that contain salt, candy, all the sweet desserts, foods fried fast food and sodas or carbonated beverages. Usually the foods that have this junk food label vitamins, protein or mineral is very little. In fact, all that is necessary for the health of our bodies.
Junk food contains a lot of sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol. When the body of this lot, it will cause many diseases. From mild illness to severe diseases such as hypertension, stroke, heart disease and cancer. If the disease had "horror" that is only suffered by old people aged above 40 years. However, the more years, this disease increasingly younger age. If we do not take care of myself, it is not possible within five to ten years ahead, we are the ones that the sufferer.
Why sodium, saturated fat (saturated fat) and cholesterol were dangerous? Sodium is found in many foods we eat and drink. Sodium is part of the salt.Many packaged or canned foods that yield high sodium.
Sodium found in many French fries, especially when we are happy to use shakers, fried chicken, burgers, cheese burgers, bologna, pizza, all kinds of snacks, potato chips. Canned vegetables and sometimes cheese also contain these substances. Some flavorings, such as soy sauce (usually available in Japanese restaurants or East Asia), garlic salt and onion salt. Sodium should not be too much in our bodies. For adult sizes, the safe amount of sodium should not exceed 500 milligrams. This is equal to 1 / 4 teaspoon. If too much sodium can increase blood flow and pressure that can make high blood pressure. High blood pressure also will affect the appearance of kidney disorders, heart disease, and stroke. Saturated fat harmful for the body because it stimulates the liver substance we produce a lot of cholesterol. Cholesterol itself obtained in two ways. There is produced by the body and is derived from animal products we eat.
Actually, we do not need to add cholesterol in the body because our bodies already produce their own cholesterol. Cholesterol is found in many meat, eggs, fish, milk, butter and cheese.Vegetables, fruits, grains and beans (legumes) do not contain cholesterol. When the number of lots, cholesterol can close of blood and oxygen lines that should flow throughout the body, so that's very dangerous if the blood flow and oxygen into the brain is blocked. The high amount of saturated fat will cause cancer, especially colon cancer and breast cancer. Breast cancer is the biggest killer after cancer of the colon. Fat from meat, milk and dairy products are a major source of saturated fat is.
In addition, some junk food contains too much sugar. Sugar, especially sugar-made, not good for health because it can cause diabetes or diabetes, tooth decay and obesity. Soft drinks, cakes and cookies contain lots of sugar and very few vitamins and minerals. Soft drinks contain the most sugar. At least one can of soda contains nine teaspoons of sugar. In fact, the need sugar in our body should be no more than four grams or one teaspoon a day. Imagine if we drink soft drinks two to three cans a day. How many sugars that accumulate in the body!Worse yet, soft drinks not only contain much sugar, but also contain substances caffeine and other addictive substances.
There are many ways to reduce junk food!
1. Familiarize breakfast and dinner at home. Believe me home more healthy foods and nutritious. So, before leaving for school or work, try breakfast. So even if you want to go play, it's better to eat first. So, it reaches the place of our stomach is not too empty, so that even the desire to snack a little less.
2. Nothing wrong with the occasional well we see that the content of the foods we buy. For example we bought a bag of potato chips. Just look at the back of the packaging must have nutrition information fact or content of the food and from there we can see whether the food is healthy or not. See the number of grams of fat or blubber. Each 5 grams of fat in the diet was equal to one tablespoon, such as a written food has 23 grams of fat, meaning that the food contains 4.5 tablespoons of fat. While the maximum of good fats the body is absorbed 30 percent of total calories. This does not mean we should be anti-fat, because fat is still useful for the body, but there was not much.After that, see also the amount of sodium. Some foods, such as red meat, have a high sodium content.
3. Take small portions. If you can not stand to eat junk food, we can minimize with tasted it in small portions. If we get ice cream, soft drinks or other menu, select a size too small or regular. Do not be tempted with additional toppings or spices. This will increase the calories in our diet.
4. Drink water as much as possible. Ideally we drink eight glasses a day, if possible more. Assist water disposal processes in our bodies. All the toxins in the body will more easily removed if we are diligent in drinking water.
5. Many eat vegetables and fruit. Two types of these foods are high in fiber, very good for our bodies compensate for the already conceded junk food. Always bring fruit in the bag can make our good habits. We can just chew the fruit if you feel hungry. Choose fruit that is easy to carry, such as apples, pears, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, grapes or strawberries.
6. Regular exercise, at least three times per week, per day, about half to one hour.Activity can help burn calories in the body. Choice of free-free exercise alone, according to our hobby. Walk for half an hour better than just watching in front of the television.
After reducing junk food, we can go to the next stage, which is important to balance what is included in the body. This is primarily is that we should eat lots of fiber. This fiber is found in many vegetables, fruits and seeds. Fruit is very good to provide vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps to keep stamina quickly sick. Source of vitamin C on most rocks guava, oranges, strawberries and watermelon. Health body is more important than pleasure tongue, is not it? Tips on good eating habits!
1. Relax: The state of mind is very important at mealtime. Relax and enjoy what we eat. This is necessary for digestion and assimilation is good. When eating do not talk about problems.
2. Our stomachs do not have teeth. Chew our food slowly to ensure the digestion and assimilation with the optimum.
3. Do not gulp our food with too much fluid. The habit of drinking water should be reduced once the food.
4. Do not eat too much.Enough with the recommended 70% of the capacity of our stomach.
5. Enjoy our food slowly. Do not rush and took food in a hurry. Understand what we're eating and enjoy every kind of food we are eating.
6. Do not eat the night too slow. Eat 3 hours before we go to bed. This will improve digestion and allow to sleep more soundly.
7. As long as we are in a state of ill advised to eat a light meal or fasting. This will enable the body's energy is channeled into the healing process rather than just for digestion. Eat porridge for us sick dilute, because soothing and easy to digest than memungkinkkan our body's energy to be transferred to healing.
8. Eat without emptying the stomach is a disaster. Make sure that there is time for us to empty our stomach every day. Embed this habit in us.
• It takes 16 kg of grain to produce 1 kg of beef. When you eat 1 serving of beef, then you spend 16 people food.
• On the one hand, people in developed countries suffer from eating meat and obesity, high cholesterol and related disease, while on the other hand people in third world countries, poor countries do not have enough food to eat.
• 40,000 people die of hunger every day.
• In the United States, there are more than 80% and 95% of corn used as livestock feed Gandung, not be fed to the starving people.
• 75% of the total imports of maize, barley and sorghum by third world countries used as fodder to make a cheap hamburger, not be fed to the starving people.
• The number of grains and soybeans are used as cattle feed in the United States could feed 1.3 billion people.
• Only one type of beef cattle in the world have spent the amount of food can feed more than the entire population of the world.
• Throughout human history, unprecedented human cases of malnutrition (malnutrition) and being overweight (obesity) in a very large amount of current.
• It takes 16 kg of grain to produce 1 kg of beef.Imagine what happens to the other 15 kg.
• Livestock waste is much more dirt than 130 times the human feces.
• Industrial meat is the main cause (the largest) on water pollution is all we need.
• Contamination of water, disease and death has been and is happening in the places where farming operations and concentrated.
• methane emissions from livestock manure contributes greatly to the greenhouse effect and global warming effect 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide.
• Ammonia from animal waste and fertilizer go into the causes of acid rain that kills plants and sea life.
• It takes more than 25,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of beef.
• It takes water 200 times more to produce 1 kg of beef than 1 kg of potatoes.
• It takes 16 kg of grain to produce 1 kg of beef. So much land is needed for the crops used as feed for livestock, not for human food.
• 30% of land in the United States of land used as grazing land for beef cattle and then killed.
• 260 million acres (1 acre = 0.4646 h) land in the United States have been devoted to growing plants, which eventually serve as fodder.
• 75% of the top layer of soil in the United States have been lost or damaged due to erosion, and the meat industry is directly responsible for as many as 85% of the loss / damage is.
• In 1999, the Union of Concerned Scientists announced that eating meat is one of the activities that are among the most damaging to the environment as well as cars and trucks.
• Love All Life!
• Join with us in the vegetarian activities in education, information, exhibitions, research, fundraising, sponsorship, activities / social service, cooking demonstrations, health and humanitarian / good life, ethics, caring environment.


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