10 Easy Steps Becoming Vegetarian

Sunday, October 18, 2009
at 9:05 PM

For health reasons, animal rights, political or whatever reason, should make us start thinking about to start bervegetaris. There are several ways to do it or at least consider it.
1. READ! Do your research, find evidence and let the facts speak. Read John Robbins' Diet for a New America "(a new diet for Americans) and you'll find stories about the protein (no shortage of vegetarian protein) and calcium (which is not necessarily healthy), and other stories. Multiply reading. Knowledge is power.
2. THINK! Think about the animals, about your body. Think about this earth. And if not enough, consider what effect your diet to people around you and to the earth. No need to make decisions, give yourself enough time to consider everything.

3. TALK! Talk to a vegetarian. Talk to non-vegetarians. Ask questions. Exchange ideas with them and join a vegetarian organization. Or form an organization. Guaranteed you'll get a lot of input. Then try to THINK again.
4.FOR TARGET! Make like a game. Gamble with your friends that you can not go to McDonald's for a month or two weeks not to touch the fish or chicken. If you win, you are awarded a portion of the delicious vegetarian meals or other gifts. Setting the target can be a serious thing or something exciting, depending on your attitude.
5. Cook! Learn to cook something new must be exciting. Join a cooking group. Learn cookbooks. Try a new recipe from a friend. Experiment. Kreatifkan yourself. Suppose this is fun. Eating without meat is not only possible, but very possible.
6. Eat! Make your meals a special moment. Sit. Could also with antique porcelain china. Play music or a beautiful song (do not turn on the TV or while reading a book). Before starting to eat, pray first. Be thankful to God for the grace given us, when you eat, chew slowly and feel each cud. Take in the taste. Feel the sensation.
7. LISTEN! Be aware what your body needs. Rest when your body feels tired. Eat when hungry.Notice your body's reaction, which foods provide a sense of comfort, which are not. Know that food affects energy, passion, emotion, concentration, and the comfort of your bed. Respect your body. Study the relationship between what you input into the body with what is happening in the body.
8. TRY SOMETHING NEW! Try a different lifestyle. Think fast. Switch on the juice. Learn the foods that are eaten raw. Perform a new sport. Start a diary or learn a foreign language. Anything that makes you interested, try to "change as a vegetarian" and feel the difference.
9. PREPARING YOURSELF! Obstacles you may get from friends or family. Be prepared to deal with it. (At dinner with the family may make you very depressed because of changing one's eating habits is difficult). Pull yourself, but do not show that you are most correct. Confidence. Prepare answers for your doubts himself. Will I be enough nutrients? Is doing something right? These things are normal. Relax., Talk to your friends. Form a group that can uplift one another. Read your book again.And if you can reduce all the pressure, feel how you feel, and encouraging return. Your self's known as a human being, and give time for adjustment.
10. Celebrate! Record the date when started not eating meat anymore. Celebrate the day. Have fun with the decision you've made. If necessary, a small party. Give a gift to yourself. But be aware that the vegetarian is a process that continues and this trip very enjoyable and exciting. So, if you look at it as a lifestyle, religion, or health, vegetarian is an interesting concept and beautiful.


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