Vegetarianism Introducing the Family and Friends

Sunday, October 18, 2009
at 11:01 PM

We are vegetarians. It's not just because of diet, but it is a lifestyle for us. How do we divide the enthusiastic without disappointing the people? Come, let everyone know that you are a vegetarian. Put simply, saying: "We do not eat meat, fish, chicken, milk, eggs, gelatin, gravy, broth." Then, tell me what you eat. This reduces create an embarrassing situation.
Have you ever been invited to dinner where all of the fish dishes? Has someone brought a plate of rice kripie as a snack for your child at play group without knowing that you are not going to eat? Many people do not realize that the gelatin and other foods containing animal elements. Concentration on what you have, in general.

Each person should strive to eat the plants. Look at the food pyramid. The basis of all the grains. The next largest part of plants and fruits. Animal products contribute only a little. This is a good place to start. I always talk nice about fruits and vegetables to children in kindergarten and young elementary school children.If someone says their child likes macaroni and cheese or pizza, let them know that the food you eat only very slightly different. And invite them to try pizza without cheese or nutritional yeast-containing foods such as macaroni and "cheese". If the neighborhood kids to visit, give them vegetarian food, such as: milk peanuts, hot dogs know, veggie burgers and vegetarian pasta with sauce and others.
You may find that the other parents will buy the foods mentioned above, since their children began to ask. When you bring lunch to work, offer and to divide some of your colleagues. Or put a serving of vegetarian pastries next to the coffee pot with a stack of recipe cards. If the parents enjoy a serving-dish vegetarian, they prefer to present it to the children of their own. Rather than giving donations of goods to the publication bervegetarian to school or library in your town. Donate vegetarian books helped too. Most libraries have a limited cost. Imagine if every family to donate one book a vegetarian or journals to their library.
Remembering when someone insulted, his mind will be closed and he will not listen or learn something from you again. Finding the time to learn. After news of the outbreak occurred 'sick' after eating a burger, maybe a good time to hold a BBQ party veggie burgers. But maybe not the right moment to approach the families where one family member infected with the plague. There are people who become bervegetarian immediately. Others are gradually achieved towards the goals of a recipe.
And we must admit that there never will change the way of eating. I live in a cooperative living situation in the course with a man where his philosophy is "If the warm and did not move, I'll eat it." Right on. Use your positive energy to do something good.

Active, take the scout troop to the health food store, the factory knows, or making other vegetarian foods for a field visit. Do cooking lessons cooking at your school.If you read about a review to the restaurant that has some vegetarian dish on the menu, write a letter to the editor, stated that the review had been right there.
Becky Turner family cookbook editing. He includes several versions of vegetarian and meat dish. That could easily change prescriptions written in "1 cup soy milk or nonfat milk." Some people always use the first option, or would not think to try an alternative non-dairy foods. There is no success without effort. People will see your progress in bervegetarian and you no longer need to scrub the kitchen with antibacterial soap, to disinfect in the deposition of the meat juicer with the pacemaker. They will see where you no longer need to wash greasy pans panic. They just might realize that your name is not the first related to drugs. Health and joy of your family is a real-life evidence about the vegetarian way of life. You have to share about bervegetarian lifestyle by taking your story as an example.


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