Vegetarian Toddlers

Monday, October 19, 2009
at 12:15 AM

Children are the property of parents is invaluable. Therefore, it is not surprising that parents are willing to sacrifice, by working day and night for the future of his children. Parents are willing to pay big for all the activities of their children. In addition to school, since small children are required for language courses, an abacus, swimming, dance, music, etc., with the expectation that once they become adults who are smart, and has a bright future. Of course, having a bright child is every parent desires. But smart is not enough, because the more important the child must have good morals, so it can become a useful person, and dutiful to their parents, and to execute commands with the correct religion. Raising and educating children is our responsibility as parents. As long as they are under age, is the duty of parents to direct them to the right to live according to religious teachings.

Do not we just carried away with worldly preparation course, we also must prepare for the faith development of our children for their lunch in the hereafter.For parents who become vegetarians for reasons of spiritual / religious, and educate children to become vegetarians is an absolute thing we should do. Are not we become vegetarians because we are aware, this road will lead us achieve complete self promotion? Indeed we are aware, educate children in the current vegetarians, where there are still many people who felt out of place with a vegetarian diet, it is not easy. The majority of our environment is the non-vegetarians, whether it's in the neighborhood, the neighborhood children play in school children, neighborhood children classes and so on. We also do not deny that maintaining a vegetarian children, need extra attention and sacrifice, especially at times when they do not understand the meaning of vegetarian. But of course all this is no excuse for us to not educate children to become vegetarians. All difficulties will be overcome with determination, especially if the husband and wife are vegetarians, and even that one partner is not a vegetarian, still can apply a vegetarian diet for their children.
Along with the development and growth of children, the skills to educate and supervise the children developed vegetarian too.Infants under the age of 4 months, consuming only breast milk or formula (not containing DHA), so at this stage of monitoring is easier, because the less likely they consumed animal foods. Different when the child is allowed to eat additional foods other than breast milk, and began to reach out and hold something. We have more parent supervision is required, because usually children will put anything into his mouth.
Watch them in order not consumed food containing animal, especially if they've started hanging out with neighborhood kids are non-vegetarians. Not because of worrying about this then our children are forbidden to mix with friends of non-vegetarians. Conversely, since small children should we let the mix with all environments, so they know that out there are still many people who eat animal flesh. Thus, since they have little to know that they are different with his friends. We let them get used to the differences that can see the difference as something normal. The important thing we as parents should always accompany them. If parents have to work outside the home and leave the kids with a nanny, find a reliable caregiver.Educate caregivers used to give us a clear understanding of what foods should and should not be consumed by our children. Before actually leaving the child to be submitted to the caregiver, we must believe that he really can carry our message.
As a mother usually we have a strong feeling about this. We explain to the caregivers, that a vegetarian is a belief or religion commands us, just as he believes that his religion forbade him to eat one type of animal as unclean, well so did our confidence. Eating animal meat is not allowed in our religion. Every day, even every moment, give meaning to him. Also binalah good relationship with our caregivers, surely she will treat our children well.


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