Vegetarian Lifestyle And Heating Earth

Sunday, October 18, 2009
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Did you know that a vegetarian lifestyle can help penangkalan global warming? Understandably 20 percent of carbon dioxide gas emitted from cattle that we eat. In other words, if you do not eat meat, then we also do not contribute to carbon dioxide gas into the air, which makes the earth hotter. Is it hard being a vegetarian? Antonius Eko KBR68H reporter asked to see a new lifestyle.

Another Susianto friends when choosing a lunch menu. As a vegetarian, Vleeshandelaar Susianto only eat plants, do not eat living things, such as meat, fish or processed products. Susianto the Indonesia Vegetarian Society Chairman misleading term straightening vegetarian. Often mistaken for 'vegetarian' comes from the word 'vegetables' or vegetables. When in fact it was taken from the Latin, 'vegetus', meaning' to live a healthy and spirit. " Away from the vegetables.

Totok Susianto been a vegetarian for 20 years. He said, vegetarian lifestyle has been known since the fifth century BC.At that time they called 'vitagorian' aka Phytagoras followers, a genius scientist and mathematician, who was also a vegetarian. The term 'vegetarian' had just appeared a thousand years later, the 1800s.
Susianto: So in 1847 the word vegetarian was introduced, the establishment of the UK Vegetarian Society. It was the first modern vegetarian organizations, in the UK. So it's pencetusnya England, but that does not mean someone is a vegetarian since 1847, no. Before it was a lot of vegetarians. Only this time there has been no word vegetarian.
Susianto a vegetarian for health reasons. Chemistry education and nutrition make him know exactly the dangers of meat.

Good-bye to meat

Susianto: Much cholesterol in the meat, a lot of weak saturated. The plant was no cholesterol and cholesterol is the major cause of heart disease. I think the little boy knew. The second advantage in the flesh no fiber. Fibers only in plants. It prevents obesity, cancer and diabetes. The average animal protein is acidic and is favored by cancer cells. Vegetables are to be wet, not like cancer cells.
True vegetarians must pass three stages. First, lakto ovo, which is a vegetarian who still eats dairy and eggs. After that, lakto vegetarian, no longer eat eggs, but milk go ahead. Terakir stage is the most ngelotok vegetarians are vegans. Only plants.

Neli, Indonesia Vegetarian Society volunteers, became a vegetarian because of his conviction. After that, the new health reasons. Neli admitted witnessing trauma and torture of animals injected with drugs that look healthy and big.
Neli: That and the love that we see animals killed. Of VCD we see that they experienced torture, not even just at the time was killed, when they were born they had injected with various chemicals in order to dibooze growth. So seeing it more and strengthen the determination to become a vegetarian.
Neli said, initially it's hard. Moreover, from South Sumatra, his tongue was used to pempek containing fish. Experienced similar difficulties Fitrian Ardiansyah, Director of Climate and Energy Program of WWF Indonesia. Two years ago, he began to say good-bye to meat.
Fitrian Adriansyah: My age is 34 now. For 30 years we eat oxtail soup, goat soup and so on. There is a feeling of loss, the sensation was gone. But then the next week, when we've found a decent alternative kok ya. We feel fresher, more calmly. Lighter bodies, especially because weight loss, exercise we do not run out of breath. So far, I think, I am quite happy and healthy, the mind more clearly not a headache because of economic reasons.
Toxic hazards
In addition to a healthy body, if the bag is also a vegetarian healthy follow-up. Fitriansyah been counting carefully about this. Money to buy meat far more than to buy vegetables.
groenten Fitrian: economic reasons, of course. The price of meat yesterday Lebaran 80 thousand per kilogram. Then the chicken is also expensive. Given the difference in income that can be stored, can now have the ability to buy vegetables organically. First healthier both help the local farmers.
But there were some who worried about the dangers of pesticides in plant toxins.Chairman of the Vegetarian Society said Susianto Indonesia, for vegetables cleaned with running water, no need to worry about pesticides left. Unlike with pesticides meat can not be eliminated. Abortion 14 times higher than vegetable pesticides.
Susianto: Livestock that ate it's also always berpestisida. And ranchers will not wash for livestock animals. If you are not stupid people that, if we could not wash. And pesticides that could have dissolved in the liquid. Especially when given a lime water or salt, well it is more soluble, more easily release. Yes indeed there is little remaining but if people say eating pesticide-free meat is wrong.
No need to worry too lackluster limp body not eat protein because meat. Said Susianto, protein needs can be obtained from soybeans. Soy protein content 34 percent, while the meat is only 18 percent.

Not only myself who benefited from the vegetarian lifestyle, but also the earth. In 2006, the UN issued a report on livestock and the environment. Contents, nearly 20 percent of carbon dioxide gas emitted from livestock. This exceeds the combined emission of all vehicles in the world.
The number of cattle more
According Prasasto Satwiko, Technology Coordinating Center for Energy Studies Atmajaya University of Yogyakarta, also a vegetarian, almost all processes related to livestock is responsible for carbonic acid gas emission. For example, preparing animal feed, forest clearing for farming, meat processing factories, transportation of meat from farm to market, until the animal waste contribute to global warming.
Prasasto: even said transport add up all over the world and still lose rollade_oprollen.jpg more than the contribution of greenhouse gases from industrial farms to 15 percent. If all transport combined is only 13 percent. We're not just talking CO2nya yes, because the livestock industry in addition to CO2 methane NH4 also called 21 times more potent than CO2 and also from pipisnya, urine was nitrous oxide is 296 times worse than CO2
Data IVS Indonesia Vegetarian Society said, the number of cattle around the world three times more than humans. Imagine.Cow amounted to 1.5 billion, 1.8 billion sheep, and chickens 15 billion more. If total, nearly 20 million head of cattle living in the whole earth. How much carbonic acid gas and methane gas is released from these animals.
Livestock also accused the main causes of damage to soil and water pollution. Fitrian Ardiansyah, Director of Climate and Energy Program of WWF Indonesia said the current 30 percent of land on earth used the ranch. Plus land clearing for farming, so the forest in Brazil were damaged.
Fitrian Ardiansyah: Where there is a significant relationship between the expansion of livestock industry with deforestation, which will also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions due to land pressure due to the existing farming industry in Brazil for example, the looting that land is protected in sebernarnya forests Amazon, for which land was used for other biofuels industry through the sugar cane plantation.
Using land for plantations, if counted-count, far more useful than turn it into a farm. Susianto, Chairman of the Indonesian Vegetarian Society.
Environmentally friendly livestock industry
Susianto:There was a mention of research data in the area of 1 hectare of land we can produce 20 thousand pounds of potatoes, 20 tons. But in 1 hectare of land produces only the same 165 pounds of beef. Try to come out deh a coma several 120 numbers. Which means what? A vegetarian is more efficient use of land 120 times from a meat eater.
In Indonesia, the Director of WWF Fitrian, the case of forest destruction is not too bad. But try to look at public health around the farm. There are many cases of bird flu or antrax.
Unfortunately still a little effort to make the industry more environmentally friendly farming. Fitrian Ardiansyah of WWF Indonesia said, many countries focus more on tackling global warming from the electricity savings and mass transportation.
Fitirian Ardiansyah: What I see is the existing knowledge. But they outlined a few priorities. The main priority is to last for many CO2nya quantity of electricity generation will try converted into more renewable. Then also hybrid car transportation, etc., and new farming industry in recent years the media exposed.
Many developed countries are reluctant to disturb the agricultural industry because this industry one of the economic drivers. Chairman WALHI, Berry Nahdian Forqan.
Berry Nahdian Forqan: I still see that the government, both in developed countries would also in developing countries, still confuses the interests of the handling of environmental issues in this case climate change interests with the interests of economic growth. This is a serious climate change is not addressed. Economic interests more diproritaskan here, are preferred.
Let us remember the words 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Rajendra Kumar Pancauri, about two major steps to save energy and prevent global warming. Do not eat meat and cycling.
Do not forget, a vegetarian can save 1.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide CO2, annually. This figure is much larger than usual step to replace the car with environmentally friendly cars, which saves 1 million tons of CO2.


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